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Table 2 Recommendations for Future Research with Older Breast Cancer Patients

From: Outcomes and quality of life following breast cancer treatment in older women: When, why, how much, and what do women want?

Area of research Recommendations
Methodological issues • Long-term follow-up needed
  • Increase sample sizes
  • Integrate quality of outcomes into clinical and observation trials
Body image and sexuality • Include reliable and valid measures of body image and sexuality concerns
  • Discuss preferences
Effects of comorbid conditions • Design studies to specifically evaluate interactions of decrements in function or well being associated with treatment of comorbid conditions.
  • Use of multiple informants approach with cognitively impaired women [96]
  • Use of Comprehensive Prognostic Index [97]
Cognitive effects of treatments and evaluation of fatigue • Examine long-term cognitive effects of adjuvant treatment using validated neuropsychological batteries
  • Evaluate fatigue prior to and after surgery, and adjuvant therapy
Interventions to improve quality of life • Educate medical staff on older women's unique concerns and needs
  • Develop interventions to improve patient-physician communication
  • Use decision aides to elicit preferences and enhance shared decision making
  • Tailor interventions to account for cultural factors
Caregiver burden • Examine caregiver sleep problems and their role in depression
  • Increase social support
  • Assess quality of the dying experience for patient and caregiver
  • Test models to relieve caregiver burden