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Table 4 Content of the reduced NHP versions

From: Classical test theory versus Rasch analysis for quality of life questionnaire reduction

Original NHP38 dimensions Classical Test Theory reduction NHP20 Rasch reduction NHP22
  Emotional Physical Sleep Pain Physical Psychological
EN1 I'm tired all the time X      
EN2 Everything is an effort       
EN3 I soon run out of energy      X  
P1 I have pain at night     X   
P2 I have unbearable pain      X  
P3 I find it painful to change position     X X  
P4 I'm in pain when I walk      X  
P5 I'm in pain when I'm standing       
P6 I'm in constant pain     X   
P7 I'm in pain when going up/down stairs   X     
P8 I'm in pain when I'm sitting     X X  
Emotional Reactions       
EM1 Things are getting me down X      X
EM2 I've forgotten how to enjoy myself X      X
EM3 I'm feeling on edge X      
EM4 These days seem to drag X      X
EM5 I lose my temper easily these days       
EM6 I feel as if I'm losing control X      X
EM7 Worry is keeping me awake at night       
EM8 I feel that life is not worth living       
EM9 I wake up feeling depressed X      X
SL1 I take tablets to help me sleep       
SL2 I'm waking in the early hours ...    X    
SL3 I lie awake for most of the night    X    X
SL4 It takes me long time to get to sleep    X    X
SL5 I sleep badly at night    X    X
Social Isolation       
SO1 I feel lonely       
SO2 I'm finding it hard to contact people       X
SO3 I feel there is nobody I am close to       
SO4 I feel I am a burden to people       X
SO5 I'm finding hard to get on with people       X
Physical Mobility       
PM1 I can only walk about indoors      X  
PM2 I find it hard to bend   X    X  
PM3 I'm unable to walk at all      X  
PM4 I have trouble getting up/down   X    X  
PM5 I find it hard to reach for things   X     
PM6 I find it hard to dress myself      X  
PM7 I find it hard to stand for long      X  
PM8 I need help to walk about outside       
  1. (X) indicates the items included in each dimension of the reduced questionnaires Items common to the NHP20 and NHP22 questionnaires are shown in italics